PLATFORM works across disciplines for social and ecological justice. It combines the transformatory power of art with the tangible goals of campaigning, the rigour of in-depth research with the vision to promote alternative futures.


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What follows is only a selection of the most significant published work by others, and by us about PLATFORM's work. We will be making these texts and more available on this site soon.

For publications on oil corporations by the Unravelling the Carbon Web project go here.

Front cover of "No Condition is permanent"

New poetry anthology on climate justice launched: "No Condition is Permanent"

PLATFORM and African Writers Abroad proudly present 19 poets and 29 poems in a new volume crackling with acute observation and arresting calls to justice. 
The collection features powerful new work from acclaimed performance-poets Simon Murray (Sai Murai) and Dorothea Smartt, commissioned during PLATFORM's season "C Words: Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture" (Arnolfini, Bristol, England in 2009). 
It republishes selected work from the anthology "Dance the Guns to Silence: 100 Poems for Ken Saro-Wiwa (Flipped Eye 2005) by Helon Habila, Sue Richardson, Davd Eggleton, Tolu Ogunlesi, Carmen Borja, and features major Bristol poets Ros Martin and Edson Burton. The anthology debuts fresh exciting work from participants in the "Full Circle/Killing TINA, Embracing Taboo" workshops run by Simon and Dorothea during C Words, and ends with a compelling piece by Zena Edwards. This is a rare volume which both balms the soul, galvanises the spirit, and stirs up hope and action.

Price £4, available from PLATFORM
44 pages, plus full colour centrefold photography from C Words
Pay us by Paypal (our account kevin@platformlondon.org)
Or send a cheque to our office 7 Horselydown Lane, London SE1 2LN
ISBN 978-9567365-0-5



PLATFORM’s work discussed in publications

Print Media

Underground London, Travels beneath the city streets, Stephen Smith, Little, Brown, 2004, pp 32 – 39

Slow Activism. Homelands, love and the lightbulb, Wallace Heim in Nature Performed: Environment, Culture and Performance, eds. B Szerszynski, W Heim and C Waterton, Sociological Review/Blackwell, 2004

The Groundwater Diaries. Trials, tributaries and tall stories from beneath the streets of London, Tim Bradford, Flamingo, 2003, pp 408 & 450

Seeing through place, Local Approaches to Global Problems, Malcolm Miles, in Recoveries and Reclamations, Advances in Art and Urban Futures Volume 2, eds Judith Rugg and Daniel Hinchcliffe, Intellect, 2002, pp 77 - 89.


Imagination is the root of all change, Jane Rendell, in Bridge, The Architecture of Connection, Lucy Blakstad, August Birkhauser, 2002, pp 30 - 37

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The Artist in the Changing City, Jennifer Williams et al, British American Arts Assoc, 1993, p 69/70, plus one b&w photo

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Digital Media

Delta project on Seen & Unseen Website: Helix Arts.

Seen & Unseen, collaborative solutions to pollution, Helix Arts, 2000

Brave New Economy, How to grow a better world, New Economics Foundation, 1999

London’s Thames, the living, working river, ThamesClean, 1998


Articles and Texts by PLATFORM

Print Media

Of Tipping Points and Sinking Ships - A Conversation
between James Marriott and Suzi Gablik, over issues of climate change
and addressing its challenges to the imagination - published by Green
Museum Website

From Delta to Delta, PLATFORM, funded by Arts Council England London and the Headley Trust, 2005

“The Body Politic”: reflections on a pilot course exploring new pedagogical and interdisciplinary approaches between art and social and ecological justice by Jane Trowell in New Practices/New Pedagogies, Emerging contexts, practices and pedagogies in art in Europe and North America, Edited by Malcolm Miles, Reader in Cultural Theory, Faculty of Arts, University of Plymouth, Autumn 2004

Museums of…? by Jane Trowell in Engage 15, Summer 2004

'Art, education, activism: PLATFORM's view', Jane Trowell - PLATFORM, in Interrupt, Artists in Socially Engaged Practice, Ikon Gallery, University of Central England, Birmingham and ACE, 2002

‘‘Engaged pedagogies’, social justice, and art history: An investigation and some proposals’, Jane Trowell - PLATFORM/Institute of Education, London University in Engage, Journal of Gallery Education (UK), April 2001

''Words which can hear’, educating for social and ecological art practice’, James Marriott and Jane Trowell - PLATFORM, in Out of the Bubble, Approaches to Contextual Practice within Fine Art Education, Eds John Carson and Susannah Silver, Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, 2001, pp 76 - 82

‘The Snowflake in Hell and the Baked Alaska’, Jane Trowell - PLATFORM, in Locality, Regeneration and Divers[c]ities, Eds - Sarah Bennett and John Butler, Intellect Books and University of Plymouth, 2000, pp 99 - 109

Interview with Jane Trowell (PLATFORM) in Think global/act local, public art and social change, Public Art Journal, The Magazine of Art and the Social Domain, Vol 1, Number 2, Oct 1999, p 28 - 9

Crude Operators – an oil reader A collection of papers on the oil industry, its impacts, and campaigning against the industry. PLUS news updates and analysis on oil industry developments, and on activism against Big Oil. (co-publication Corporate Watch and PLATFORM). Spring 1999. 56 pages.

IGNITE, reporting on big oil, (London commuter newspaper), PLATFORM, Nov/Dec 1997, 15,000 copies distributed during period of Kyoto Climate Change Conference, funded by the Arts Council of England. Headline :’Smogbusters ! Let’s make this London history’

IGNITE, reporting on big oil, (London commuter newspaper), PLATFORM,
Tuesday 10th December 1996, 13,000 copies distributed on Human Rights Day, funded by the Arts Council of England. Headline :’London company in dirty deal shock’ on BP in Colombia

‘Tides of Change’, Conference Paper by Dan Gretton and James Marriott - PLATFORM, in Rivers of Meaning, London Rivers Association, 1996, pp 52 - 4

‘Not a Luxury but a Necessity - Corporate Sponsorship with the Arts in the 1990s’, James Marriott - PLATFORM in Corporate Responsibility Europe 1993, editor Joel Cutting, Chesterfield Publishing, 1993, pp 144 - 146


Digital Media

PLATFORM discusses its work on the Glastonbury Internet radio website - listen to it!

PLATFORM's work is on Ashden Directory of Environment and Drama in-depth database

Valley: Citizens. Search for a Sustainable City, PLATFORM video manifesto, 1995.